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Dawnrift weapon selection chest for Dual Blade

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There is a way to get weapon with 8 gem slots early for new player or alts. Since Dawnrift weapon selection chest from Coin exchange merchants only costs 3 Naryu Silvers, you can buy and open as many as you can until you get a weapon with 8 gems slots. This will save you some golds and headache later. However, this method is not working for Dual Blade. I have opened around 30 chests for Dual Blade. all the weapons I get so far have only 3 gem slots. I also test this on other classes, their weapons can still have more than 3 gem slots. Is this intended or a oversight 

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I am having the very same problem, I contacted support and they assured me that it is no different for the Dual blade however I have had nothing but 3 slot weapons Riftwalk or Dawnforge so I guess my character is broken

I just bought another 12 chests...nothing but 3 slots


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