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Pet gems from CTA no stats [Merged]

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  • Amraith changed the title to Pet gems from CTA no stats [Merged]

Since all the pet gem complaints are merged with this post ill write here, post was written on last thursday, its been 6 days, we had maintenance today, pet gems still not fixed, should we wait for next maintenance? or even later? its just fix for 3 pet gems, can we get an update?

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@Hime or any other mod or admin with info,

Did this ncsoft company heard about LiveQA? (Stupid me asking this question. This problem is since day 0) Are they even have this line in their protfolio? Something small as "we are investigating and will come  with an answer asap". If i break  any of the ToS, the consequences will be instant. But when it comes to giving information to te plebs like us (...)


Have a great day.

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