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Nightfall Sanctuary drops Silver Scales too and the whole raid is pluggable. It's just boss 3 that everyone need to be wary of and share damage with people that get aerial'd by the mech phase or aerial'd players will keep dying.


Most raids drop 3-4 of their respective tiered scales per boss.


Right now Onyx Scales got shafted since they removed them from dungeons not in the F8 rotation for who knows what reason.

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this is another one big scam, i have 500 onyx scales on my old characters, because they were droping from dungs, nobody bid them, u can get them only from mushin tower 20 floor daily. Also, thez want us to buy/farm boxes which give u only fragments, for 2 year old item,  really awesome

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the dungeons removed from F8 before patch give loot, the ones removed with patch lootless

I don't really get why thou, the 2 dungeons we had a chance getting obsidians are now without loot, DST and RT


even thou I found myself 2 dungeons dropping hexa obsidians, it would have been very nice to have the hepta and octa left in game as well


for garnet there is always Koldrak, thou right now some days Koldrak stays at 1% unkillable, so no garnet/scales that day

TSM is lootless

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