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Request of an anti-cheat.

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Hello,   I would like to address an issue that we as players are facing in Blade & Soul currently where some players are abusing the fact that the game has no protection by using Cheat E

This is a very good overview of what is currently happening in the game. Especially regarding new players, they will join an environment full of cheaters in both PvP and PvE, which would make it so

Hello @Hime,   can you have a look into this please? The UE4 update brought us many old players which mainly quit the game because of performance and no anti cheat system back. To keep this

2 hours ago, Merchant Ow O said:

What about people cheating on Thornwind Cavern dungeon Hardmode totally skipping boss 1 and immediately going to boss 2? That's technically abusing a bug/cheating. 

@Himeare you aware of this? shouldn't you do something about this issue or the players that abuse this?

You're late, like really late, both bosses can be skipped, not just 1st one. However 1st boss is purely at developers fault, they could patch in 5 minutes, literally, and its a known one for months.

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