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annoying archer vs soul arena xxxxxx bns developer

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how the xxxxx u call soul arena vs archer  

over 40time i try failed cant even let me do any damage on it spamming cc closer and far 


example archer combos go far then  sk or soul arena boss spam cc on us and throw 6 blade and reduce over 80% hp 


other class can easily do soul arena only this xxxxx archer has not much longer iframe to hold any dps or burst and these combos go far instant cc on us '



xxxxxxx fix this crap archer or nerf the soul arena far attack cc or blade damage 

xxxx unplayable archer  at soul arena event 


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Impossible? Press F11 and look at the archer ranking, how all those archers did it if it's impossible? I haven't played the game for 1 year and i had no problem with it either, you just don't know how to play.

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On 9/14/2021 at 6:53 PM, Humaraarc said:

u crazy can u post video how u done in ur archer with gear thorn 1-3  

stop scamming u also know it impossible to do in archer 



It's not impossible, it's very possible and quite easy, you just need to learn the rotation and the mechanic of the boss, if you know the rotation you can avoid every hit, because you will know what is the next boss attack before the boss does it and you can easily avoid it. The higher stage you go the less forgiving the mistakes become.


As an archer main, I been soloing the Scion's Keep for a long time, so for me Soul Arena is so much easier because there is no annoying adds to deal with, and boss range attacks won't kill you, Stage 1 to 3 should be doable for everyone with C2A gear, however, stage 4 won't be doable with C2A gear even if you make 0 mistakes, as you require much higher DPS compared to stage 3, so keep trying, you will get there, you can always watch YouTube guides on Scion's Keep as a Tank POV and you will learn the rotation in it no time.

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