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9/15 Maintenance Changes


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Greeting Crickets!

  • These are the changes going in effect this Wednesday:
  • Bosses in Easy, Normal, and Hard dungeon difficulties will be adjusted.
  • The number keys on AZERTY keyboards should now work correctly.
  • The Thornwind Accessory Chest will once again available from Dragon Trader Junsorei.
  • Sanctum Bracelet Chest will give the correct bracelet for Destroyers, Force Masters, and Summoners.
  • The Call to Arms event’s Armory Chest stages 2 and 5 will provide the correct Celestial Emperor accessory chests.
  • The Skybreak Ring Chest will give a Skybreak Ring for Dual Blade characters.
  • The Detailed Battle Records in the Hongmoon Training Room will be properly labeled.
  • The Safeguard Belt and Dawnbright Gloves buff icons will appear once more.
  • The Exclusive Premium Membership Icon image will no longer be missing from the Premium Membership Info tab.
  • Rescued NPCs in Act 1 Chapter 10: South Anchor’s Away quest will no longer stuck in a T-pose.
  • Ascendant Razor Stage - 1 cooldown decrease will be corrected.
  • The description on the Gunslingers’ Songbird Soul Badge will correctly reflects how it uses Focus.
  • The Thornbreaker Mystic Badge 350% damage modifier for the Rolling Typhoon ability will now work.


For gamepad support, it is currently in redevelopment and we’ll let you know as soon as it is available in game again.


Thank you!


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