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Call to Arms Thornbreaker Weapon Issue

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Hello NcWest,

Thanks for the well-done update, its went smooth for the majority.


Anyway I want to direct your attention to the following:


The Call to Arms Thornbreaker weapon stage 3 to 4 (and assume till stage 9)

Requires Premium Transformation Stones  - and as far as I know we are getting premium transformation crystals from the call to arms chest.

Or else that would be hella generous of you haha..


During previous call to arms, you did have this changed accordinly, but this time around it didnt happen.

I will guarantee you, alot of people will bump into this issue.


So I wanted you to be aware of it,

Thanks for reading!




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Hi @luzt! The team is very happy the launch was smooth but of course the work never ends. 😅


I just responded to another thread about this issue. The Premium Transformation Stone is intended and all Breakthrough Chests Stage 4+ will have them!



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