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launcher ue4 problem

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hey i have problems with launcher my  CPU intel 7  7000  GPU amd Radeon Vega


after instaltion my game crash instant


any can help is only BNS !  did remove all  and clean !  windows new and reset pc nothing works


alot of times new instaltion  on differnt memory card s!

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be sure you don't do the same mess that I did. For me the Launcher minimize after game start, just to show up again shortly afte...so I did the same as allways, hammer Play button again... BUT: the game usually still running at that point (behind the launcher window) and that way I tried multiple starts by accident for a major mess. So make sure game is not still starting up before hitting play on Launcher again. Someone telling me that would have gave me a more relaxed night. 

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yea.. i can't play at all cuz it makes my pc crash now w/ critical process died or unexpected store exception (and once kernal data inpage) errors.. so now i got 4 or 5 months of premium just ticking down while i can't play due to.. whatever nc does to their games sometimes that  my pc doens't like

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