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yo??? no anti cheat???

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better then dont have any anit software otherwise we get interface and get low ping and more freeze


and most of community over 80% use their alts while running their main char and increase the crowds of game and make it more fun exciting  

i also agree some people dislike but the fact once u use it u understand the dance and other emotes using same time make it more enjoyable 

but over80% player like to have some alts running same time to make her feel less lonely  on dugeno  or run its not a leech since u can basically run 1 alt and get over 2.7k ap with st some second to kill  and carry other player as well 

u think they afk at start but no actually they doing more then u just standing their and blaming on them rest to do something  he solo the st but u keep stand their and harassed his alt at st cause may be u low ap like 2k something and  want to see him running thats all u do


also for kind info i like the way people run speed its basically not cheat u noob always think like that u have the power to ban if u can see it missuse while recording video etc

but no one really care they enjoy seeing it and make it more thrilling and exciting 


the game is always alive u think its dead cause of this  the answer is NO

cause people lazy to some event but they active  only farm for new scale sacred via they put limit so they just do 1-2 and get their weekly vial 


the game become much more active if they put call to arm event or  new scale farming  or some event rise soul upgrade from token etc


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Yep i hope its a mistake on their side, because without working anti cheat its gonna turn into the same dead shitshow it was before and personally if they really dont implement it soon im done.


Its simply not worth playing the game with an army of no gear afk bots clogging f8+weekly and everyone hacking in pvp . I would rather find another mmo to sink my time in if thats the case again. Going through that stuff once was enough.

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IT might be they didnt enable it yet because they wanna see overall performance of the game first. Might be they will enable it in give or take a week or two and then see how the performance hit will be.


they did a similar exercise once with UE3, before it was entirely removed.

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@HimeXigncode was a hugely anticipated part of this update. For a large chunk of the community it was much more important than any graphic/performance upgrade. We are fed up with trailing in all possible rankings and getting left behind economically due to rampant cheats everywhere.

We DESPERATELY want it to be turned on.

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How can you POSSIBLY OPPOSE an anti-cheat?

Are you not aware people are literally speedhacking, memediting whatever they want, flyhacking and other position-based edits, using game-breaking addons and xml. And worst of all BOTTING, your hours , days, weeks, months of farming, people are doing AUTOMATICALLY.

CHEAT ENGINE, the most blatant and known cheating program... DOES NOT even work on FLASH GAMES nowadays, yet here we are playing a game on UE4 that's completely destroyed by a tool from 2001.


The very last bit of integrity in any PVP mode has to be regulated by a community-driven discord server, it's absurd.


You're delusional and ignorant if you still think an anti-cheat it not needed for this game, cheating has crippled the game since 2017.


More importantly, why does the korean client have it, but not ours?

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