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Known Issues in the UE4 client – September 8


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Hi Crickets,


With the release of UE4 we want to let you know that there are currently some active issues in the build that our QA team has spotted, so we created a currently known issues list for you, until we’ll have things patched up:


  • The in-game NCOIN recharge page may redirect you to login after selecting the amount.
    • Workaround: Simply log in on the page that opens when the button is clicked. You may receive an account confirmation email.
  • The Character Portrait Register button is missing from the Photo Gallery screen in Character Info.
  • Showroom <F3> and Preview windows do not display costume VFX.
  • Character Portraits use the default image for their class instead of uploaded portraits.
  • Character Portrait thumbnails are being compressed vertically.
  • Exclusive Premium Membership icon image is missing from Premium Membership Info tab.
  • Battle Records from Hongmoon Training Room <F12> display as #INVALID#.
  • Buff icons are missing for the Safeguard Belt and Dawnbright Gloves.
  • While previewing an item, if you try to preview another item in a non-inventory location, the preview UI window does not update correctly.
  • Some localized Voice Over (VO) dialogue may be missing or may cut off early while questing.
  • Some new pet gems may not display statistics.
  • Soul Shields have incorrect item descriptions for Destroyer and Gunslinger classes.
  • New characters are immediately transported out of Hongmoon Training Grounds when using a level 60 boost.
  • On the quest “Waking Nightmare” the objective states to seal dark rifts in Dawnspring Forest.  However, the location of these dark rifts is inside the Forest of Echoes Dungeon.


Also note these intentional changes:

  • You can no longer view Skills in the Character Info screen.
  • The Equipment Upgrade Paths (Ctrl-I) have been removed for now.
  • Due to the engine upgrade some video capture programs may no longer work with the game.


If you encounter any other issues, please feel free to head over to our UE4 Bug Report Thread and share your finds with us so we can investigate them.


Thank you.

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