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Hello,   I have an issue with key bindings Bug Summary: Number keys not recognised Reproduction steps: Plugin a standard French AZERTY keyboard, none of the number keys are registe

Bug Summary: Gamepad Option is no longer available in Options/Game/Camera settings Reproduction steps: Opened the Settings and go to Game/Camera tab and the Gamepad option is no longer at the bot

Hello, yep i was about to post it , none of the Azerty keys works on the First row on keybinds, bottom are fine  tho  A/E/SS (Q/E/SS) works even if you try to remap on rebind option it shown wrong key



Bug Summary: Dodging (Q & E Abilities) for Lightning path on Lyn Blade Dancer is not available. 

Additional information: The ability is available and usable when using the Wind path, but does not show up in the skill tree and is unavailable/unusable in the Lightning path.


There's also another bug, though I'm unsure if it's actually one.


Bug Summary: Hairstyle for the new class is not available in Character Creation.

Additional information: There is a new hairstyle used by the male Jin Dual Blade model in Class Selection but the hairstyle isn't available or showing up in Character Creation.

Would've put some images, but the forum keeps saying my links are invalid.



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Bug Summary: UE3/4 - Crafting takes 1 minute to deliver something that takes 1 minute to craft

Reproduction steps:

1. Craft something

2. Wait until "delivering"

3. Enjoy your aditional minute of waiting



Additional information: This happens since UE3. Finally there's a place to report this.

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Bug Summary: The eyes behave weirdly when animated

Reproduction steps:

1. Zoom as close as you can without hidding the head

2. Do some animation that moves the eyes (E.g.: idle animation)

3. Enjoy your demonic eyes






Additional information:

I've seen the eyes spin inside the head! 🤮

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Bug Summary: NPC stuck to stool T-poses to assert domination

Reproduction steps:

1. Go to Grand Harvest Square

2. Find the big covered benches and tables

3. Enjoy the ever-bouncing NPC










Additional information: It seems there's an issue to load the proper high quality version of those items, so, they're stuck in low-poly T-posing versions.

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Bug Summary: Brood Chamber shows as a daily dungeon in the cross server lobby but isn't

Reproduction steps: Hit F8 on the Saturday cross server

Additional information: You have two Dailies listed for the Forest of Echoes. Is it a scheduling conflict that one of them should have been Brood Chamber?


Ultimately, ST, BC, CC and SP should all be regular dailies during the Call to Arms event.

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On 9/10/2021 at 8:45 AM, NightHunter37 said:

Hi, I'm having problems trying to launch the game after the new engine download. 


Once I click Start Game at the NcLauncher 2, an error message pops up in korean. I can't read korean.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game and launcher twice. Still the same problem. Please help!


Thank You. 

Did you translate the text? i had something similar and it says something about the required library file couldnt be found and it wanted me to do a windows update. i play on windows 7 and i knew i havent done any updates for awhile so i did. after those they complained about graphic drivers and i updated it too. after that it was fine and i could get on but barely could play, 1-6 fps like other people might got too...

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I am unable to unseal the Sealed Arachne root, Lunar stone and Blightwood Berry even though i have unsealing charms to unseal them. The game also does not even react when i click "unseal" meaning that there is no way i can get the Hongmoon Fortitude achievement as i know no other way of getting the Hongmoon fortitude items. 

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Bug Summary: Texture bugs in Scarlet Conservatory raid and in front of it, plus conduction circles only seeable by the first person in the line.

Reproduction steps: I went in




Conduction bug




Texture bug in front of Scarlet Conservatory 




Texture bug in Scarlet Conservatory 


And many more inside the raid (mostly pillars, floor)

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In 6vs6 Whirlwind Valley, when you run and jump over obstacles (fallen tree etc.)
you will most likely stuck to them, even if you can jump 3-times higher.

Also in dungeons etc. small edges will feel like invisible walls.
I mean you can run on walls, but this little tiny edge will prevent you
from stepping over it.

I really recommend the developer to play their own game.
I can't imagine that they don't recognize those things.

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Bug Summary:  Dual Blade simple mode hides Decimator behind 4 but skillpath states it is an F function.

Reproduction Steps:  Enable simple mode; watch F appear for turn strike INSTEAD OF Decimator and try combat. Decimator is now hidden behind 4 and nigh unusable due to how quickly you need to hit that button after using "4".  Turn off Simple Mode and Decimator will appear on F after using 4 for a much more human usable time frame.  This bug needs someone to actually play through the character skill to see.


Note:  I am usually pretty lenient about bugs or inexplicable game play (well not the other maddening issue I will probably leave the game over) but this one certainly seems like the person who programmed simple mode did not actually play Dual Blade as there are a lot of "not quite right" choices for simple mode with Decimator both missing from simple mode and then being almost unuseable behind another skill button. The proper thing would have been to make Decimator a part of simple mode whenever 4 was proc'ed just like they did for other skills.

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a word
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Bug Summary: Being knocked down shows wrong icons randomly

Reproduction steps:

1. Get knocked down

2. Don't get up

3. The symbol will randomly change, sometimes



Additional information: The symbols I've noticed are the "pick up" or the "interact" symbols, so far.

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Bug Summary: Stage number is missing in Moonlight Skypetal Plains when stage is complete

Reproduction steps:

1. Go to Moonlight Skypetal Plains

2. Complete a stage

3. Look up




Additional information:

The number show normally when the stage isn't complete.


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Bug Summary: The V key gets locked for Blade Dancer - Lightning

Reproduction steps:

1. Be Lightning BD

2. Be on "normal" stance

3. Look at the skill bar


In combat:



Out of combat:



Additional information:

This didn't happen in UE3 - Out of combat:


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Bug Summary: some graphic bugs found during the storyline quests (Prologue and Act 1 up to Chapter 4) after UE4


The first (and probably the best known: it has also been present on the UE3 version for years, and frankly I hoped it was fixed now) is the minimum hp in the newly created characters when in the prologue they wake up in Heaven Reach: it is quite annoying for me that I record the story, but I assume it is also the same for new players who maybe scramble about how to solve the problem fearing that the character may die shortly thereafter.In the video I follow this bug with the NA version in which it is not present.


The second is the path to the hill that the player character takes together with Jinyung in search of Lusung: while with the UE3 it rose smoothly to the top it now moves in jerks. The worst, however, is in the cutscene, where Jinyung's lines from the dialogue are not reproduced and his face is stuck in a grotesque expression.


The third is when Hongmoon's hero is on the beach with Dodan and Chengun and fires the cannon: the ship with ammunition no longer explodes.


The fourth is in the cutscene of Namsoyoo's arrival at Dochun House: the woman slapping the man has lost her mind ... literally.



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