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Hello,   I have an issue with key bindings Bug Summary: Number keys not recognised Reproduction steps: Plugin a standard French AZERTY keyboard, none of the number keys are registe

Bug Summary: Gamepad Option is no longer available in Options/Game/Camera settings Reproduction steps: Opened the Settings and go to Game/Camera tab and the Gamepad option is no longer at the bot

Hello, yep i was about to post it , none of the Azerty keys works on the First row on keybinds, bottom are fine  tho  A/E/SS (Q/E/SS) works even if you try to remap on rebind option it shown wrong key



i seemed to have encountered a story quest bug for Chapter 2: As Above, So Below. Have tried travelling to other maps and entering back the map but Bae Ling still does not show the quest icon. Able to assist?



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Hi , just found a bug with gunslinger when you press tab to enter in arsenal mode , the character remains in "T" pose mode after fireing and start moving

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Another bug ! Act IX : Cruel Reunion Chapter 18 : What remains 


At the  "/mourn " mission with gunslinger ...nothing happens , you type it in the message box and nothing 

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