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Helpless Call upon AZERTY users to check and upvote this matter :

Bug Summary: First row of azerty keyboard calls wrong keys when assigned to skills

Reproduction steps:

1. by default, the bound keys are 1 through 0 in game, but the first row of skills does not trigger the said skills when clicking on the assigned button.

2. in attempt to rebind the key in the key binding settings, the keyboard calls wrong keys : for example pressing button 1 on keyboard to bind skillbar 1 to 1 gives the key UP arrow instead and so on.

3. All keys work fine in the chatbox.

Attachment: Here is what the first row of AZERTY keyboard look like for info :

Additional information:
Lower case press results in : ² & é " ' ( - è _ ç à ) = respectively (marked BOLD BLACK characters on the photo)
Upper case press results in : 1234567890°+ respectively (marked GREY characters on the photo )
Pressing special key of ALT Gr results in the marked BLUE characters on photo

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Hello,   I have an issue with key bindings Bug Summary: Number keys not recognised Reproduction steps: Plugin a standard French AZERTY keyboard, none of the number keys are registe

Bug Summary: Gamepad Option is no longer available in Options/Game/Camera settings Reproduction steps: Opened the Settings and go to Game/Camera tab and the Gamepad option is no longer at the bot

Hello, yep i was about to post it , none of the Azerty keys works on the First row on keybinds, bottom are fine  tho  A/E/SS (Q/E/SS) works even if you try to remap on rebind option it shown wrong key

Cold Storage - Kaari Lord - The place is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too bring for something without sun or moon:






The moon is on the Moonshade Harbor side - not in Cold Storage:




Even on spots where the moon is entirely hidden, it is still WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too bright:



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Brood Chamber - Portal unloads at a certain point:







This demonstrates that there are serious issues with view distance.


Otherwise, the game wouldn't literally unload visible assets...

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Two VERY annoying bugs:


  • Tailor Shop

Bug Summary: Game freezes when entering "Tailor Shop" function, and whenever I try to use it, the game freezed to a point that forced me to shut it down through task manager.

1. Tried opening the menu in Stoneshell Island, Thornwind Wilds, but the game stopped responding, screen frozen, had to shut it down through task manager.

2. Tried opening the menu in different locations, failed in all of them (Mushin's Tower, Emperor's Tomb, Dasari Palace Gardens, Zaiwei, and lastly Stoneshell Island again.

3. Did a file repair through launcher, and tried again, but the error persisted.

Attachment: no attachment possible, the game was unresponsive.

Additional information: Server is Yura, graphics are always set to max, but I have tried with them set to lowest.

The other thing is disconnecting when changing characters, and it's constantly happening. There's not much to say, same thing, did a file repair and didn't work.


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there is a glitch that i am sure you have probly heard of but when hiding charectors if you go to unhide them they end up as floating heads or even sometimes the models can be a bit mangled like here its not game breaking or any thing and is more of a graffical glitch. can be kinda funny but should be patched. its not halloween any more we dont need thisScreenshot00142.jpg

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Bug Summary: Most emotes now leave character faces completely expressionless

Reproduction steps:

1. Hold Ctrl + Alt to bring up the emotes menu.

2. Click all of the emotes one by one to see them displayed.

3. Notice that all of the emotes in the "Social" and "Signal" sections no longer have either animation or non-default expressions for the face, and the same is true of two of the emotes in the "Pose" section.

Additional information: All of the emotes in the "Emote" section still have their facial expressions/animations, as do both "Dance" emotes.

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