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Hello,   I have an issue with key bindings Bug Summary: Number keys not recognised Reproduction steps: Plugin a standard French AZERTY keyboard, none of the number keys are registe

Bug Summary: Gamepad Option is no longer available in Options/Game/Camera settings Reproduction steps: Opened the Settings and go to Game/Camera tab and the Gamepad option is no longer at the bot

Hello, yep i was about to post it , none of the Azerty keys works on the First row on keybinds, bottom are fine  tho  A/E/SS (Q/E/SS) works even if you try to remap on rebind option it shown wrong key

7 minutes ago, ice41 said:

Well they say. Will be in game soon


Until then, this Loading Screen Tip is incorrect.


It gives the impression that there's something you can do to see the gear information, but there actually isn't anything.

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37 minutes ago, metadune said:

Bug Summary: koldrak hp glitch. Once it hits < 1% it will sometimes only take 1 hp damage per hit. Which at times makes it impossible to finish 


Reproduction steps: No idea, seems random but usually around 1% it happens 



This has been reported to hell in the forum.

I notice that that happens when there's a lot of server lag.


It may even happen because they removed the 2 phases where you had to spam the spacebar, to do damage and move forward.

Supposedly, hitting the neck kills Koldrak.

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On 10/8/2021 at 3:42 PM, ice41 said:

Bugs report.


28OMNSz.png Don't drop on 7º Floor of Mushin Tower

Today on Koldrak happen this



It's a daily quest, it doesn't drop from the guy

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Bug Summary: Silversteel Laboratory - AOK 5500's geometry isn't unloaded when it dies, letting you res on top of it

Reproduction steps:

1. Climb AOK 5500

2. Die on top of AOK 5500

3. Let AOK 5500 die



Additional information: You are supposed to be pushed out of the top, but this doesn't happen when you die.
This used to work properly on UE3.

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Bug Summary: Using an Hongmoon Instant Revival Charm while pressing 4 won't cancel 4 or the charm

Reproduction steps:

1. Put Hongmoon Instant Revival Charm on 5

2. Die

3. Press 4 and 5 at the same time



Additional information: One action should cancel the other.

Specifically, the charm should cancel the resurrection.

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