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What does Hongmoon Resurgence outfit look like?

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3 hours ago, youzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz said:

Does it look good enough to grind for?


You can see all the costumes from the chest in the Showroom in game.


2 hours ago, KenzoAlex said:

Good Question @Hime  how it looks this outfit since in the yasterday stream you tell us more about your lifetime like it was a social stream not a preview patch for UE4

We like to banter a bit on a stream to share stories and experiences, but you can view the costumes in the chest in the Showroom.

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@Hime How can you not understand why the community is annoyed with the bantering?  You guys only do update streams 3-4 times a year in total and this is the biggest update in BNS's history yet the stream was just completely unprofessional and didn't answer any major questions.  Most game companies interns could have hosted a better stream than that.  Spend 30 minutes writing bullet points to talk about, stay on topic, and try to actually answer meaningful questions.  You could have easily shown everything you did in the stream in 10 minutes instead of 90 and then actually answered big community questions.

1) What are the performance outlooks of UE4
2) Is anti-cheat coming back and will there be more focus on reprimanding, preventing, and discouraging the rampant cheating
3) Will the west be getting Soul Boost & Soul Pass or did they decide Call To Arms is the only progression mechanic we'll get
4) Is there a time frame on the mythic/ancient dungeons
5) What skill changes are coming
6) What events are coming?  In particular can we expect another hongsil event as it was the only reasonable way to gain unity levels
7) Will we be getting a level 60 Voucher and/or Slot expansion with the new class?

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