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Come visit my youtube channel 😊

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Hello everyone 🙋‍♀️


I'm back to the game after my 9999999th break from it. 

I'm having a hard time catching up, everything is so expensive (from a returning player point of view) & i feel like i'll be forever behind.

That being said, i'm enjoying it, especially the beautiful sceneries, the main story & side stories, & Warlock 3rd spec is awesome.

I took a screenshot that turned into a super short video that i posted on youtube. It wasn't meant to, but i think it makes a nice teaser 😀


Any kind soul is more than welcome to come visit my channel, your views & benevolent comments would be appreciated.

And just so you know, I post once every 3 year 👶👧👵💀👻


Link to my video


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