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4 hours ago, Pulsing said:

After 5th round, it becomes unplayable. I know it's Mushin Tower, but why put the event dungeon there?

I wanted to post the same cause i die at stage 7 due to several seconds of freeze time but since UE4 comming soon i dont think they will boother even looking into it.


My PC:

Intel Core I7 @stock

GTX 1080

32GB of Ram

Installed on NVME SSD

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I get to stage 7 also and lag so bad I can't run away. Sounds rigged at this point.


btw, 3-4 years they said their are no more optimizations they can do in the current engine.  I think they just don't wanna spend the money on making it optimized. Also like last poster said UE4 coming out in a few months and we can only hope at this point that the performance gets better.

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Yeah the lag gets really bad after the 5th round. I will be doing okay then have a Huge Lag Spike and and find 90% of my HP gone or that I am Dead.
I upgraded my comp a few moths back and since then have never had lag anywhere else but in this instance.

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