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Is there some reason why the Celestial Earring and Ring are not able to be changed to 3rd spec, specifically on Warlock? I have both maxed out at Awakened Stage 3 and I cannot change them to 3rd spec. Now before you say, "those are outdated", the Stormsiege/Wildsong bracelets are allowed to switch to 3rd spec Thundercall and those bracelets are also outdated. I have an Awakened Stage 3 Stormsiege Bracelet and it is able to change to 3rd spec. This is basically completely saying my earring and ring are to be thrown in the trash because I cant use them with 3rd spec. @Hime can this please be addressed???

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Gotta admit, this was a pretty nasty surprise. Seems our options right now are to downgrade to the BT rings (that is, grab the accessory box), upgrade to the IA accessories (...however way is available to you - it very well might not be), or reacquire the celestial accessory boxes and get the 3rd-spec compatible versions (still a downgrade; they're  weaker than their stage 10 counterparts and lack the debuff abilities).


Anyway, hope this gets somehow gets rectified sooner rather than later.

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