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System Error After Update.

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We're confirming the solution and are taking next steps to address the issue. We're aiming to resolve the issue as soon as get the necessary files to apply.   Thank you for bearing with us.

There is a system error after entering character selection screen, I get this message (SystemErr - (300 : Server Authentication Failure).

@Himeplease just call an emergency Maint already and delete all Moonlit souls from all chars.

On 7/27/2021 at 12:55 AM, Molotov Cherry said:

Move on , lol . 
They won't give you anything else.


Not just me, but everybody.


According to this, we won't be compensated...


NCSoft steals money from people and everybody is like "well, guess it is how it is"...


Yes, I'm counting the day everybody with premium couldn't login as theft, as they got nothing to compensate for the PAID day they didn't get back.


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4 minutes ago, 900870_1452550662 said:

Looks like no compensation. NCSoft will steal your money again. Nothing new really.


Just because it is "nothing new" doesn't mean NCSoft/NCWest should get away with this...


I'm not even saying to give premium to everybody.


I'm saying TO THOSE WHO HAD PREMIUM on that day, which I didn't. (for those on the back of the room that don't read what people say)

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There is a system error after entering character selection screen, I get this message: 
(SystemErr - (300 : Server Authentication Failure).

▫️ Can your other characters log in?

 ▫️ Which server are you trying to connect to?

▫️ Name of char:  MiwXV

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