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Main/Side story quest


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Why would you want this ? the majority of players feel like its torture to do story or side quests at all.


They would have to programm such an item, create an icon for the item, decide prices and such......... to much work for the 0.1% of players who might use this maybe once.

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8 hours ago, xPipi said:

forgot the story, and want to run it again on same character? if it's possible then why not? 

I am just saying there are so few players who would even think about doing story again. Majority and with Majority i mean nearly the whole playerbase would rather pay to have story removed completly than do it again.


Its not worth the developement time needed for such a ticket. Even if it sounds like something you could programm in like 1 hour or faster the cost to create such a thing would most likely a multiple of what it could earn.

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