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daylie calender bonus for Premium membership !

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@Hime  when we get bonus for calender is unfair  treatment for premium Member who buy it for 90 or 365 days


no statemant is not the anwer


ppl are not pleased over this ! more and spam in Forum and nothing 

 support say @Hime want mangement it !   where and whenn get we reward or compensation ! we pay in game for Money and get nothing ! 


in Premium if ysee is option off extra using daylie board ! where is this option for calender!?

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The value of premium has been pretty borderline for quite a while now. The only feature I find really valuable is the bank access and extra tab. That being said, not having the bonuses from daily dash definitely tips premium into the "not worth" category. The "extra" bonuses from events have historically been underwhelming so using that as an excuse to remove a feature without adding anything is not sufficient to me. As such, my wife and I have no intention of renewing premium as it stands.

As I stated previously, probably one of the best features of premium is the bank access and extra tab, and I feel this could be expanded to increase the value of premium. Moving mats/items between characters on this game is excessively obnoxious. Add a forth tab to the bank that only holds account bound items and is shared between all characters. Mailing items with a cap of 3 at a time is just plain stupidity.

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It's actually bordering on criminal.  People paid for a service.  The service was no longer being provided and was forcibly removed from the game.   People should have been offered a chance for refund or compensated somehow.  Neither were given.  This is just bad business practice.  

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It's funny how ppl still expect some decency from NcScam. All they care about is money and their cashgrab "events" AKA rng boxes, material boxes, troves, fortune favors etc. And they almost never answer on forums in serious threads, unless those are involved with cashgrab "events" issues, like ppl not able to buy ncoins to spend on those etc.

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Game becoming subscription based on UE4 launch so yeah. premium oughta going extinct anyways. unless their mystical new premium 2.0 will be coded in time, but  yeah.


we pay for faster travel, storage access and 3rd page storage.

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