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Noob newbie(5days old) question.

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This is the cohesion level system, something that is level-upped with time and that gives health bonus (as well as other bonuses) to ALL characters that a player has. The higher cohesion level, higher are the bonuses.

That's why a low-level character can have more health than usual, the person you saw must have a high-level main character (or at least, played the game long enough to actively push their cohesion to higher levels). 

For example, I personally have a 101 cohesion level (my main character is level 60 HM 22), so my freshly new characters will begin the game with bonuses compared to players who doesn't have cohesion at all.


Hope this helps.

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Yeah, pretty much latest 3 events been existing to push ones unity level. Current one somewhat cannot hold up with that, but you'll eventually get there aswell. Still whoever you saw isnt too active, since +15k HP from unity is just mid40s of unity levels. And you'll eventually get there since low levels complete fast. Yet you start to gain unity points once your first character reaches level 60.

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