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Dungeon Queuing SYSTEM NEEDED


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Does anyone else hate the que system in this game. This game was built with dungeons ranging from lvl 20 and up but in order to run them you either have to wait till you can solo them or hope to find people on cause there is no real que system this game is great i just wish it would get a passive style dungeon que system that unlocks at like 15 a que system similar to other mmo's like wow swotr or any of the rest the entire separate lobby or the party finder no one in low lvls know how to use is useless literally and entire second way of lvling character by running dungeons that are already created and playable that are just sitting there useless cause there is no good dungeon finder in this game this would be the best mmo if it could just get a que system also a cool low damage support class would be cool bdo pulled it off with its shai and yall are way better then them who is with me??? 

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