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Suggestion: Postpone the change in Howl of the Hound until next Challenge mode

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Hi i want to suggest that we postpone the change in the Howl of the Hound daily quest into the new dungeon(reading the notes in the web, it seems it's gonna change immed)


We need a bit time to familiarize and master the Hard-mode mechanic of the new dungeon (Thornwind cavern).

Just like the challenge mode which is not immediately right after the introduction of the new dungeon, please give us  a bit time.

Howl of the Hound is an important daily challenge quest for many people.


Don't get me wrong, I am gonna farm 200runs probably within the first week, but I would still prefer this Howl of the Hound change to be postponed so that more people have enough time to learn it and hence easier to find people to run with.

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@Hime i dont have many friends to farm and usually i wait for my friends to learn a new dungeon together. 

i support this idea of not changing howl of hound so early to give my group a bit time.

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