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56 minutes ago, Nurayko said:

@Hime sooo what about us who have premium?? no more chance for hmc?? :S

I hope there will be still some HMcoin goodies for premium!

Well or not, it would save some money!

But hey, wait, my special windwalk graphics....... hahahaha, sorry couldn't resist on that one 😃 

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@Hime what about the hoongmoon coin tokens from daily dash? This is the only reason to have premium membership for me.


This will be "compensated" somehow in the new daily dash?


I remember when you guys tryed to remove these tokens in exchange of some sacred vials.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Amarathiel said:

I can confirm coins do still drop, just very very low chance. Got some couple of days ago from one of the premium squares.

The current Daily Dash is not what is being discussed. Its replacement, the Daily Perks Calendar is.


5 hours ago, Sayahell said:

in corean dont got HM coins


thats is sad !



It's spelt 'Korean', but you're right: Korea has very few HMCoin sources compared to us.

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The Daily Perks for Winds of Rage will guarantee a Burning Devotion Chest and Premium Members will continue to occasionally get bonuses from our promos and events.

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