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@  Himi  any Mod / Gm


hey ue 4 comes in mid june ?! get we same setting CN /- RU   ??


can any give infos over games / pc settings  pls feedback !!


cant find any about this  !!

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1 hour ago, Belido said:

from what I remember UE4 was announced for Q2 in KR and Q3 for EU/US

Correct. The anticipated release for KR is in June. Ours is coming in Q3. 

We've just updated our UE4 site so it has information on what UE4 will detail. As for specs and other details, it'll be available as we get closer to our actual release. 

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@  Hime any Mod / Gm

most importest  question for all player ist  Pc settings  !?


works it with low Cpu like intel 7   




need a high graphic card ?

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Not all player, there are quite some player having their system already quite on the edge, just to keep things playable while it is mostly bottlenecked.

How things would work on the final thing is a good question and no matter what they may tell, it just can be answered when you got a crowd of players running around the same spot for the 1st time.

From UE4 on frontier server I remember something like GTX 1060 been asked.


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most question is for all


is it playable 


with not high end pc thats the big question !


 is it playable with low pc setting   or not ?  or y need high end pc  with high cpu or /high graphic card  , for most Games is Ue 4 old dont need Raizon 5-9 etc


not all ppl fix pc system for this game if other games runs optimise there is no reason!

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well I'd expect something similar to the spec asked for frontier server - I haven't been there myself, so dunno any details: 

I seen: i5/Ryzen5, better Ryzen7 or i7 asked, min 8GB ram, min GTX1060, better RTX2060

dunno if they plan some DOOM 2 lookalike low PC mode again, so some feedback would be nice.



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Unreal Engine 4 is well known for running on just about anything, so I imagine anyone with a PC made in the last 5-6 years should be able to play at low to medium settings without any problems. Once you get older then that, though, it might be worth considering an upgrade.

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