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Naryu Silver/Naryu Coins

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On 4/30/2021 at 11:18 PM, xPipi said:

Since you can convert Naryu Coins into Naryu Silvers, idea is to make a reversal process.. 20 Naryu Coins = 1 Naryu Silver

I've just spent 2 hours farming 79 Naryu Coins...... It's really depressing when you know that you need 90 Naryu Coins for that 10-Transformation Stone Crystal Bundle.. The problem is that I need 195 Transformation Stone Crystals from Grand Celestial 6 to 9.


Ok let's do math:

20(bundles) * 90(naryu coins) = 1800 naryu coins that I actually need.. So 1800(naryu coins)/79(which I get per 2 hours) = 22.7 h * 2 = 45.4 hours I need to be in Mushin Tower one-shoting those monsters and hoping to get 2-3 coins, since most of the time they drop 1 coin..

Please do something about this at least increase drop rate or remove it from Transmute Window as "Need"

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You want Naryu Coins? Then go to the old field areas like beast bog, grand harvest, zaiwei ruins or nightshade harbor. You get a lot there. Mushins tower is a bad place for that.

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