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worst Fps in Twisted Serpent Stronghold

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hey guys


i  think  a lot ppl got problems in this raid ! 


what can we do ? any help


cant play 32 bit with  unplayable !  crashes  -crashes  and more - 64 bit  with low graphic dont fix this problem 


in video ppl show this problem 5-10 fps   ! 


not all player got high cpu etc  and is not value for this game !



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7 hours ago, ImoutoMaster said:

Ive got around 20 FPS with text removal.


I7 9700k

32gb ram

RTX 3060ti



If you want some fps wait for UE4 if it actully comes to EU.

UE4 will probably get you a solid 60 FPS (and probably more) if they don't mess it up. We're getting it for sure, we just need to know when KR gets it and then from there we can assume when we'll get it.

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