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Loading Screen Contest 2021- Have you seen Sundol and Dolsun?

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Character name: Junivyr
Server: Yura

A long while back, my sister and I were multi-running Naryu Labyrinth just for fun and because we wanted cosmetic drops. (This was before you could buy them with zen beans.) As you may know, there are many different rooms and paths you can take to get through the dungeon. One of the rooms was full of ceramic pots that you can break and pot dogs would come out of them and you could pick up the bombs they drop to blow up more pots... I don't actually know what the real deal with this room was, as I wasn't around to run the dungeon back when it was relevant, but the mechanic hardly matters for this story. Anyway, the pot dogs would run around shouting things and one of these lines was "Have you seen Sundol and Dolsun?" We found this funny because who the heck was Sundol and Dolsun? We had never heard or seen them before, so we decided to make up a theory on who those characters were. We realized there were two recolor outfits of "Wind God" and "Thunder God," called "White Moon" and "Dark Sun." The latter of which you could get through exchanging the nuggets that dropped in the dungeon for a box the merchant outside sells you. And so, we thought, "Who do those outfits belong to, if not Sundol and Dolsun?" So here is my character (the gunslinger) and her character (the soul fighter) in the bottom floor of Naryu Labyrinth, dressed as- you guessed it- the mighty, the myths, the legends... Sundol and Dolsun.

PS: Much later we found a Talus operative in the Misty Woods named Dolsun, but we have still never seen hide nor hair of a Sundol. Let me know if you have seen them. It is very important.


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