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i play spectral shrine and happen a lot that i make the boss jump to the circle well and the boss not take the stun but do a wipe aura like i do it wrong 

this problems happens a lot on my trys so pls fix this things because it really pissing me of or any one else 

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I did not encounter such a problem yet and i am doing several runs a day. You sure youve done the mechs correctly ? I see most people stay in the circle quite long and staying in the circle gives the boss 10 stacks each tick. If you have 100 stacks its wipe.


When i was still new in Spectral i thought its a bug but thats mechs.

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it happen to me 3 times on the circle that kill on normal mode what make the boss 10% and even it reach 9% and that's normally clear the boss not take stun and wipe 
and could clear any time today because of that and for sure it happened to me at least 10 times before if on the 45% phase on second circle or last phase on second circle what is 4th circle and for sure i know i did mechs right i even was on the center of the circle and she got my place and for sure i did my ss on the right time 

she do wipe aura i do attack her after or not she wipe and will prove that with youtube soon because i will put a lot of that 

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yeah video feed might make things clearer, however

  • % doesnt say anything
  • nor does meters
  • if she does wipe as if too many stacks, indicator bugged
  • if HM you might succumb to stacks
  • heck even if NM there can be ghost stacks (NC will deny but when sth ticks but is hidden even in dmg log.....yeah)
  • unlucky - repeatedly had a drop zone inside circle lined up perfectly - not a reason but rng factor
  • circles too close so she activated two at once

Waiting for feed, yet glad to read you been able to clear

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aye from my experience standing in circles without iframe is the problem giving her a lot of stacks. her taking 2 white circles at the same time isnt even a reason to bug, its a speedstrat since each circle does 5% mech dmg

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