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Can we have a way to get Designer Threads?

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In the market more and more outfits are running out and it's harder for people to get threads, open boxes and put more outfits in the market. At this rate some outfits will be gone, or will only be a couple left that are mega expensive. (On top of that f5 is still buggy 😕 )


So can we have another way to get Designer Threads? Maybe add 2 to daily dash? Or make them a reward next time we have that rng Coin event we had before trove? Or maybe even add them to next trove?


Otherwise some outfits will become more and more scarce, and some are already no longer even available. 😔😿


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I would be for no. Mainly because all the costumes you buy that you can salvage for them are bought with money by someone else to get said main rng box costume but only regarding any of the previous costume boxes.

If they would introduce a new designer thread version and begin now handing it out for free for various events etc, but without the possibility to obtain all the previous boxes / outfits, then i am all for it, because then it is actually fair to everyone.


So i would say if you want one of the previous rng outfits, you should wait for the next costume event, buy the boxes, salvage them and then try your luck with one of the previous ones.It is actually much cheaper and easier in the long run to spend gold on the costume rng boxes / ncoins / hmcoins  rather than buying individual outfits in f5.


For any new rng box costume events, if they add a new currency that's also given free and is not retroactively exchangeable i am all for it.

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They can just make a second version of each chest excluding the one rare special costume for which people paid money to get it.
All other costumes are old and not special. New upcoming chests like usual. First in V1 with/for Designer Threats. 6 month later as V2.


Make a Chest - sample "Rosethorn V2"
Remove the Rosethorn items from it.
Change salvage to non salvage on the remaining costumes inside.
Then give it to that fishing merchant and trade pearls for it.


Since opening the chest is still rng, who knows how long you have to fish to get a certain costume.
But at least we would have a way to get those costumes and fishing has finally a meaning in this game.



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