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Returning player what to do after opened +12 CtA

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Like the name of thread say I am a little lost in this game. When I come back it take me a while to open all stages of chest, it was pain because like new player you can do ...nothing and you are often kicked from party and this event is only for veterans or donators - top dungs giving you 50 balls while low dungs 10 so do not say it is not. 

But it was doable and I had some goal.


Now I do not know what to do because items missing any description - this is really terible and frustrating.

I can not find any help even when I used google. For example I looked for BiS soul badge to know where to go farm.

I found Meridian soul badge on some player after used F11, which seems to be BiS - this item have description: "advance Evolution material" great it saying all what I need to know.

On google you find nothing...after few days someone helped me on discord and teach me it is from last raid and where and what soul badge I can obtain because meridian is impossible to get. 


I got they maybea do not want long description in game, so is there any web where I can find this information...something like Wowhead ( I do not want me any advertisement it is just good known example).


Another thing is I miss something because when I want upg my soul it cost 390 sacred vial and I am able to buy only 2 in dragon expres - 390 / 2 = 195 weeks while year have 52 it mean 4years? 

It was example for soul but others items seems to be same so where is the location to farm or what I am missing, because there must be some mistake noone would expect to farm 4years per item right?


Also problem how obtain blood rose I only find in Circle of sundering 4per week from chest so it mean I must wait 10weeks for 1 stage after opened all event stages?


Thanks and BRs,


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most of the players you see in f11 have played this game since start, you cannot expect to get bis gear for just playing a while, it takes time and efford to get geared

390 sacred vials is to get to top soul probably, we didn't get there in a hurry and neither will you

new players get so much gear for free, gear we had to work for over the years we've played


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On 4/8/2021 at 3:54 AM, Desmodos said:

You should be able to earn 7 Sacred Vials a week.  9 if you have premium.


3 Unity Store

2 Dragon Express

2 Event Tab Dragon Express

2 Premium Tag


The only real limitation is collecting Sacred Vials.  Helps to have an alt or two.


A small note:


In the Unity Store, for 1 vial you need 40 unity tokens. You can get 3 each day if you compelete 7 daily challenges. That's 21 tokens / week / character. To max it out, you need 120 tokens which means you have to complete 7 dailies with 6 characters each day. 

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