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A Gem of a giveaway...However....

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...First, let me say that the recent Square Gem giveaway was a very generous gesture on behalf of BNS... However...

...As someone who had just spent a lot of my hard earned money to purchase the Hongmoon Square Gems just a couple of months previously, it proved very frustrating. Having to sell off the ordinaries for a handful of coppers and only being able to even salvage the square diamond didn't improve my mood towards BNS. What was really funny to me was, right after this giveaway, they offered the Hongmoon Square Gem Scrolls again for sale! This is really poor business practice.

...I could have spent my NC Coin on other gear to improve my stats, and still have the Square Gems... Man, that's harsh...

...What they should have done is offer the Hongmoon Hexagonal Gems for sale right after the Square Gem Giveaway.... Who is going to by the Hongmoon Square Gems(Scrolls) when they already have the ordinary Square Gems, which have the same stats?  Unless they are looking to finish off what they need to evolve gems, it makes no sense.

...I feel more than a bit ripped off. I have gone Premium many times, and bought my share of NC coin, both to support my character, whom I love, and a game that I like a lot, despite its many ..er, quirks, lets say.

...It makes me extremely leery of buying anything else, ever. Why should I, when they might give it away a month or two later?

...So, my personal decision is to stop supporting the game. I won't go premium again, unless its free. I won't purchase anymore NC Coin. I have a bit saved up, and will hoard it until the right moment...

...After watching all of my friends quit the game the last couple of years for various reasons, (The killing of our young students was a harsh blow to many, for instance), I teeter on the edge of leaving myself.

... I realize this game does not make a lot of money for the company, but a lot of that is due to just how stupidly they run the show...Get it together, BNS...

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Its not really a bad thing to see square gems in F10 for 420-510 ncoin when it was around 990 couple months ago, its actually a good thing so you can upgrade to penta gems for little to 3k-4k each where as the cta square gems are non-upgradeable..  

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