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Broken Badges where a good thing please atleast change badges a bit

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when this broken patch came out my first thought was: "wow another patch without stage 9 of my weapon" then i saw i could actully use the raid weapon now without losing damage. Then i saw they just broke the badges and sadly they fixed it today.


Here i am just like all the other Soul fighters (not sure if summoner and destroyer are still the same) we still need the cooldown reduction on PVE weapon or we lose our dmg and we cant even use the ancient system.


I want to see either the PVE weapon path to continue finally or what i would prefer to be able to use the raid weapon so atleast increase the cd reduction on our badge to 2 seconds instead of 1.5 cause thats still not enough unless you have 120 fps in raids and a ping of 5.


We are missing 90 ap and alot of skill modifier on the pve weapon which we are still forced to use.

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