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FPS problem and solution attempts

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I have problems with FPS and their decline when using skills, as well as quickly killing bosses freezes, this problem was mostly solved by BNS BUDDY. Here I will describe a solution that most of you probably already know, but not always share the game with others, I would like to ask for comments that will contribute something helpful here. Thank you.


So w BNS BUDDY - Menu- Extras- is there Class animations and effects Toggles. you can turn off the character classes there, which helps a lot, so that the FPS does not fall down and does not freeze the game on dungeon raids, if someone has a better idea, apart from thinking about replacing the computer with a new one, write any help. :))


I will add that after disabling these options you can leave your character options turned on to see how he uses skills and animations otherwise you will not see what your character is doing. In the game options, I have already turned everything off, I practically have 2 textures on a scale and only BNS BUDDY helped me with the game, otherwise I would probably give up the game.

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