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TD TD TD...TD forever

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I wrote this topic because of an issue which has been built up from the time WD release in 2019. Yes, it is about Time Distortion, the only buff skill that WL has. I'm main WL.


In the past, I usually don't mind changing between TD and SB whenever there are 2 WL or 1 WD. However, I wouldn't do it if I feel tired from a long day.


So the problem begins, people keep messaging me at parties to ask for TD whenever they please. If I don't do it, they will whisper to me for bad-mouthing and insult my personal life, my family. They will use a ton of excuses like "you are a buff class", or "I need reset skill", bla bla bla.


Is this community so bad? I play WL because I like their playstyle, their skill. I'm not playing it because some mom-who-know-where suddenly pops up and forces me to buff them. When an FM could not use a sheath or BM could not use HM block, do we insult them? No, we don't. Then why do they care so much about my Time Distortion??? Are we in prison where I have to follow their order or something???


I'm so fed up with these complaints most likely in every dungeon I ran with WD or WL. TD can only reset the first time in 50m, after that you have to stay as close as 5m near the Thrall to receive a second and third reset. Reset will happen in each second, so you mostly can only press 1 skill unless you use a cheat method like macro or XML (which is illegal). So the most damage you can pull out of TD is likely 1 or 2% bonus which is not worth it.


Not only that, when I use TD, I have to stop my rotation, stand still to summon Thrall which delays my damage and endangers me in that 2 seconds for your minor buff. I will call this is a most selfish request.


So I hope NCSoft could just remove TD entirely from WL or give them to other classes so that they won't bother becoming a big daddy or mommy to lecture me for how I play my class.


For those people out there who love TD, I don't care but please don't group me with you because I play a game to relax. Absolutely not a job, please don't be selfish and order me around unless you pay me. So please don't boss WL around and be nice.


P/s: I heard that WL third spec will receive a big nerf for TD and I'm thankful for this information. Serve them right.

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It depends if you should switch to td or not. If you are the most geared, it means you should stay sb, because the +10% ap during sb helps. If you have some super whales, use td. For example, if you have 2k ap, and the ppl who ask for td have 3k, you should td. If the biggest boi is ranged, stand next to them, summon your thrall there and td 3-4 secs after the fight has started. If the biggest boi is melee, then switch to thrall stun on q, throw it on the boss and td there. I saw a sin bursting 15m+ because of td, a warden once wanted to marry me because of it 😄

But I understand your point. Randoms can be toxic and scold everyone, not just wl for not using td. They can say mean things to the tank, when an easily resistable/blockable aoe is aimed at them and they just dont defend themselves during burst.

Also, using lfp on cross server can be dangerous, try to join parties on the chat 🙂
Have fun wl brother

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