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The incoming Trove 3 Stars ?!?!??!?!?

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Olla 🖐️ 

I have a question about the Trove that will come :  It will be there any changes about the 3 stars rate ? The previous Trove we all know that 3 Stars was  from RARE to non-existing and this is true, no trolling, just facts, you know, we know, everyone know .

So any changes about this 3 stars,list items, gems that probably are not existing ??
I did use 300 keys but after all the lost and total disappointment about the lost,i'm really not interested anymore unless there are some changes ?!?

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Idk about you but i had a few 3 stars, and my clan mates also had some.

Rng is rng.


If you are doing trove strictly to get the gems or gear you will always be disappointed because those should be really rare to get.

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