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How long till max level with main quest only?

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Well, even if the title is writen like a question, i am actually here to answer it.
I made a new character and measured the time needed to get to max level (with main quest only) wich is curently as of "march 2021" lvl 60 and HM12.
Yes, with the main quest line you cannot go over HM12, i did not use any charms to get higher HM level altough i did a few sideq, at the end those 2 where you get
"legendary gem hammer" and ofc all hongmoon purple quests for more stamina (i bought the items necesarry from the marketplace).
I did include loading times since its part of it (got an Samsung SSD 970 PRO).
But now to the times, since i cannot (family, work ect..) play all day, i had to cut it in levels, every day 1-3h of gaming.

  • lvl1-9= 13min
  • lvl9-20= 85min
  • lvl20-28= 43min
  • lvl28-36= 55min
  • lvl36-41= 76min
  • lvl41-43= 50min
  • lvl43-46= 61min
  • lvl46-48= 97min
  • lvl48-51= 95min
  • lvl51-54= 45min
  • lvl54-58= 102min
  • lvl58-59= 18min
  • lvl59-60= 28min

lvl1-60 = 768min / = 12h 48min


  • HM1-3= 30min
  • HM3-4= 11min
  • HM4-7=63min
  • HM7-9= 68min
  • HM9-12=123min
  • HM12----last m. quest= 43min

HM1-12(last m. quest) = 338min / = 5h 38min

TOTAL: 1106min / = 18h 26min

Btw. i played the archer class, some classes could be faster or slower, depends... 
...also i did not read any of the dialogues ofc, here and there put new eq on wich i did when some NPC were talking to not lose time.
Also having premium helps at the beginning, since you windwalk alot and it happened a few times that i had to wait 1-2 minutes for the cd.

So yeah, im sure it can be done faster but overall thats it, it will take that much to finish the main quest line +/- 1-3h... depends on loading times, class ect...

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I once speedrun leveling up, it took 21 hours with an fm to finish all gold, orange, stamina and awakening (3rd spec) quests.
Kanda vihar was extremely painful, you get stuck in the ground almost everywhere, took me 20 minutes just to get from A to B.


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