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Returning player and was SF main, and there is something I don't understand.


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Okay so I never got "BIG" gear on my frost SF I got raven 4, max frost ring and ear, Alluvion Soul Badge, and another badge I can't remember but it was not good.


Some of my friends says it easy to get to that lvl of gear so I decide to make a new SF, so I can enjoy the story again, atm I'm lvl 40 and imo this soul fighter does not feel good to play, the damage is weak, and atm (I know it get easyer when I get a bit of gear) the focus problem is anoying atm, I now understand why no one play this class anymore, and it sucks and makes me sad.


But I will keep fighting and be a acceptable SF, my own standarts are low, so I want to know when the times comes what gear and talent should I aim for? Is it still raven? is it still Alluvion Soul Badge like it was a couple of years ago? And talents is new to me what talents should I do? Is hongmoon points still 10 in DEF and rest in ATK? And what skills should I enchant?

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