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+1 Mythical Level Increase Zaiwei Raffle Winners


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Hello Cricket!


The winners for the Zaiwei Raffle has been selected and the rewards have been distributed. If you snagged any one of the Zaiwei Raffle prizes, congratulations and please find in your In-Game Mail.


The winners for the Increase Your Weapon's Mythical Level by 1 are:

  • kerverosxxx - Jinsoyun
  • Hioot - Jinsoyun
  • winxy - Jinsoyun
  • Cynffonnau - Yura

  • Nincompooop - Yura

  • Akemi Hattori - Yura


The winners for the Increase Your Accessory's Mythical Level by 1 are:

  • jokelini - Jinsoyun
  • Misaow - Jinsoyun
  • Bullseye Chaos - Jinsoyun
  • Aedrith - Jinsoyun
  • Belle Star - Jinsoyun
  • DuoMingMaJiaoYuYuYu - Yura
  • Ayun - Yura
  • ºAhri - Yura
  • Just Squeeze - Yura
  • Nïër - Yura


If you're named above, congratulations! Please contact our Customer Support team with the ticket subject: Zaiwei Raffle Winner and let them know which Mythical Weapon or Mystical Accessory you want to increase based on what you won above.


Thank you!

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