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Simple answer: No there is no way


Reason: Back in 2017 i think, they wanted to make it faster to farm certain materials thats why they created the Crystal versions so they can give us more materials without destroying the Market.


This is also why alot of players have for example 30K Soulstone Crystals or 10K Moonstone Crystals and have no use for them.

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i had 20 Premium Transformation Stones and all of them I ruined when they added an update to allow salvaging them into crystals - naively believing that those would be more useful going forward and that I could simply x-mute/proccess them back...  they're relatively ruined once processed. So yeah I threw away 10k+ gold that way and also in the marketplace I misclicked on a troll sell with an extra 0 and lost like 12k that time.  i'm a bit clumsy.


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