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They will NOT provide any Compensations for the Players Who Over Spent on this Game??

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Hello everyone.  My name is "DuelMasters"  
I've been playing this game for 3 years (since 2018) and this is what happened. (Read the screen shots)

-In Conclusion-
If there are other players out there who didn't get any compensations, remember this:   
It is better to work/study 8 hours and get paid/acquire knowledge 8 hours worth in IRL than to play BnS for 8 hours and get no IRL money and no progression IRL. 
(Unless you are a Gold Seller and makes over $2k USD per week)

You chose to spend some Money in this game?    That's your choice.   And you got the result u expected.
You chose to spend no Money in this game?         That's your choice.   And you got the result u expected.
All results are expected within expected range. No surprises here and there.

Whether you choose to submit a ticket or not, NC Soft will always get the result they expected.
("It was intended to be this way, so we ain't gonna do ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about it and there's nothing you can do about it... Ha Ha ~!!  XD ")

Like I understand some NC soft staffs don't have the Authority to make certain decisions (even if they genuinely wanted to help).... but it's the ones who do have the power  and did nothing about it ... and shows continuous unwillingness to help/compensate for others who deserves it. (Not all the time, but sometimes, like this time)

Learn to manage ONE's own Expectations, and Never be affected by the Storm/Outcome of events that was NEVER under your control. 
The Brutal Reality is .... some people knew this 2399 bundle deal will be released in advance... that's why they were selling it for 5k + your seals 3 months ago.
I don't know how they got that info in advance that fast, but i really wish i saw this coming 3 years ago... lol

I'm just gonna go full Stoic Mode this year and focus on my studies. 

Happy New Years Everyone ~!!  
Spend only amount that you ain't gonna regret 3 years later from now on..... that's the lesson here. 

Cya around.


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Requesting fair compensation for the Loss of Purchase


1 day ago

Hi. My name is "DuelMasters"
("DuelMasters" is also my main IGN and I have 12x other alts)

Submission of this tickets date is 2021- Jan - 14th NZDT

I am writing this ticket to request a fair compensation for the total cost I've lost for purchasing brilliant sealing charms for purchasing of True Tiger Souls ,which I would have not lost otherwise if i were to buy the todays bundle deal at 2399NCoin Bundle in (f10).

This might be a long story w, so I've divided them into 4 sections.
-What happened
-My Story
-Final Request

-What Happened-

Today is Day 1, Week 1 of the 5th Year BnS anniversary. I woke up this morning, fresh and clear , logged into BnS to embrace the glorious era of BnS 2021.
Naturally, the first thing I do was to check out the new bundle deals in f10 (to see what's new).
Then I noticed in the Bundle section - Mastery Bundle - containing True Dragon Soul.
I was so Happy that NEVER EVER in the History of BnS was there a BETTER Bundle Deal than this ~!! So I was gonna buy them all for my Alts... Few seconds later, I felt a very sharp pang of distress in my heart and a severely disappointed expression of regret on my face... because I remembered that all my alts already had True Dragon Souls (True Tiger Souls).

I remembered the heavy price I've already paid (15k Gold + 17x Brilliant Sealing Charms).
I remembered I used to top-up 104,000 NCoins ($1300 USD) just so that i can buy Brilliant sealing charms (560Ncoin x 16 = 8960NCoin) to purchase from people/whoever is giving slighter cheaper/better price than the market price.

And to think I used to spend 8960NCoin and more +15k Gold just to get 1x True Tiger Soul for each of my 12x alts.... (15k + 8960NCoin X 12 = 180k + 107,520NCoin) and compared that to a todays price (2399 X 12 = 28,788NCoin), I could be literally be saving (180,000g + 78,732NCoin).

I'm sorry, i didn't mean to rant like this, but.... the shock of wasting/losing 180k gold and 78,732NCoins (Real Life Money).... came to me as a big surprise. Not a very pleasant surprise either. (Wow, What a way to start the Year ~!!)`

Hence, this is the very reason why I'm writing this ticket to request a fair compensation of that which has equivalence of 180,000gold and 78,732NCoins worth.

The biggest loss was the both time and the money that i've spent to grind manually in this game without the use of black market.

-My Story-

As you may know I'm a die hard fan of BnS. I made all 13x classes/characters (10x of which i manually finished the story - took 9month to finish the story line - and 2x i used free lvl 60 voucher i received for purchasing yearly membership for past 3 years). -(screen shot provided)

I started BnS on the 2nd year of the Launch. During this time i was a uni-student going through a depression. I dropped out of uni and started to work. Playing BnS helped me to heal my wounds recover my mental health and prevented me from suicide. Yes, BnS literally saved my life. And because of this fact, to a degree i owe my life to BnS. Thus, I thank BnS by continuing to play to this day as a reminder where i came from. From Darkness to the Light.

I love this game so much that I'm trying to gear my alts as close to my main as possible.
I slowed down on my main and focused on my alts more in the past 3 years.
I've already spent 180k gold + 78.732NCoins (And more since i'm also topping up for Trove)
I've also spent over $4000 USD (Yearly membership fee + NCoin Top-Ups) last year alone.

I'm an honest/earnest player who does not use any 3rd party software like BnS Buddy or multi tool. I literally spend minimum 8 hours a day to grind/do daily/weekly/raids on each of my characters. I don't buy any gold from other people/black market (1000g = $4 USD).

I encourage/help new players on twitch/discord to motivate them to continue playing the game after finishing the story and invite them to my discord channel/friends to do late game content together (ie. TT + ET + soon IA raids).

Despite all this, it wasn't enough to gear my alts fast enough. I wanted to have 13x Mains, not 1x Main and 12x Alts. I had to look for other sources of income. I participated in BnS Art competition and i came top 11 runner up. -(screen shot of proof provided)

Even with extra income of HM Coins from the competition... financially speaking... it was no way even close enough to even gear a single Alt.
As the time goes by I had to gear up more areas in BnS to keep up to date. (ie. Unity Stones. Compound system, Psyches etc).

So i topped up more NCoins to by bundle deals to get those gears. And yet, i haven't even finished on my main yet. If so, when exactly will i get to do the same on all of my 12x alts? How long will it take? How much time and money do i need to spend in this game to get that result? .

The price inflation of every item in the market is rising and my income of each alt remains the same since 2 years ago. 300g per week per alt after finishing all my weeklies. including the daily gold that equates to about 500g in total per week. -(screen shot of proof provided)
The price of Sacred Oil is now 700g. I can no longer purchase 1x Sacred Oil per week. And i need over 500x Sacred Oils to gear up my Soul + Heart + Pet Aura + Talisman.
At this rate, it will take more than 10 years to reach the goal i made 10 years ago. (OMG~!!`)

And I kept my faith that I can still achieve my goals just as the same for the Heart + Pat Aura + Talisman.

But as you can see by this morning, the new bundle deal (2399NCoin) just showed that i've just lost/wasted 180k gold + 78,732NCoins
(And past 3 years of careful planning and execution of all the hard work i've put in.)

As you can see, I'm traumatized by the loss of 180k gold + 78.732NCoins.

I am very afraid that I'm going to make the similar loss again this year if i continue to play BnS like this as i have for the past 3 years.

Final Request-

Now you've heard my full story and my current situation and my current feeling towards about playing BnS atm.

Please forgive me of my upfront tone. I am still feeling the sadness and the anger over the loss.

I would like to at leas make attempt to recover my 180k gold + 78,732NCCoin by submitting this ticket. By sharing my story and my current situation, I must decide what is the best course of action i need to take from here on.

I understand everything that has happened until now was due to lack of information in advance.
I must change something about the way I play this game and think very carefully about launching BnS content in a Youtube as a encourager and empowerer to the community. (I won't make/publish any videos until this issue is resolved). If I could somehow knew this bundle deal would be released 1 year in advance, i would've spent 180,000g + 78.732NCoins in somewhere else where i won't be having this issue. (ie. Spend it on Unity Stones, Compound system, buy Trove Psyches or buy Sacred Oils/PTS from the market to upgrade my Hearts on all my alts etc).

I also understand beggars cannot be choosers, so i have no power/influence to get my 180k gold + 78.732NCoins worth back in any way/form as a compensation.

But if I may be bold as to offer some suggestions would you please consider it?
(Since all my resources are to upgrade my alts gears, i have put some gear compensations as possible options)
I would greatly appreciate it if you could consider ONE of the followings as an appropriate compensation:

1) Provide Restoration of 180k gold + 78,732NCoin into the account
2) Provide Restoration of 180k gold + 78,732 HM Coin into the account
3) Provide Replacement of all existing Hearts on all 12x Alts (Virtuos Heart Stage -5) to (True Majestic Heart)
4) Replace all existing Pet Aura & Talisman to (Unleashed Omega Pet Aura / True Morning Star Talisman)
5) Distribute 14x Awakened Radiance stones for all 12x Alts as I have spent on my main KFM.
6) Convert 180k gold + 78,732NCoins worth into Sacred Oil/Premium Transformation Stone materials.
7) A counter offer for a slightly lesser/better version of the options above.
😎 May the kind, generous, merciful Head GM look into this matter and provide appropriately fair compensation as a Final Ultimatum.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
With all due respect, I shall patiently wait for your reply.

Have a wonderful 2021 ~!!


GM Klyde

1 day ago


Thank you for contacting Blade and Soul Support Team.

We understand your frustration and disappointment with the updated Mastery Bundle in Hongmoon Store. However, please understand that the game is always subject for update so there will be some changes that you may like or dislike since all players have different kind of opinions and preferences.

Also, the Support Team is not part of the development team so there are updates in the game that we can't cover so we encourage you to post your comments on the forums, where our community team gathers player feedback so they can suggest game improvements to our development team: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/421-general-discussion/

Additionally, we are not able to grant your request to convert Gold to NCoin/Hongmoon Coin and/or directly exchange items since we do not provide this kind of service. You may also visit this link so you can see the list of the services that we are providing: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035742871

Lastly, we are unable to provide any form of compensation since all changes made are part of the game mechanics.

We can only ask for your understanding. Please let us know if you have other questions and concerns.


GM Klyde
NCSOFT Support Team

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Not sure what you were expecting but thats how things work. If you cannot wait and choose to spend money thats purely on you, and not NCsofts fault. Also if you play since 2008, you should already know they update the mastery bundle every few months with better gear since they already updated it at least 5-6 times.


Them giving you compensation for that would be utterly unfair.


What i gather from that novel you wrote is you mismanaged your gold and now want compensation for it...

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  • Amraith changed the title to They will NOT provide any Compensations for the Players Who Over Spent on this Game??

Notice that the money and gold you spent gave you the gear you have before they put it in the bundle, so you paid to have it earlier than the others.
Would you ask for any compensation for they are giving free basic soul, heart, talisman and pet nowaday whereas you had to farm for it at the beginning of BnS?

That's the way it is. I feel sad for you because your goal is way to high, gearing 13 mains, you wouldn't have enough time in 1 month to do everything people do on their main on the 13 characters.

But the thing is : you are complaining just in the same way (different investment) than people that are crying when they lower upgrade cost. Just saying they paid more and now people pay less. That's how BnS works from the start... 

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Trying to make and maintain 13 mains is crazy idea from the beginning. Mainly in F2P game with heavy monetization. Is impossible progress this many characters until you spend around 2000 €/$ per month (or more) and all your free time. And even with these conditions, it still take very long time to achieve that. This game is not designed to have multiple mains.


And asking for compensation because standard content progress that all MMO games have is pointless. When new gear is introduced, older gear automatically become cheaper and easier to get. This is standard thing in MMO games. You always need to have that in mind and decide when is the best time to get/buy better gear.

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