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5th Anniversairy Decoration?

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Hello NCsoft and/or Players,

I am wondering if there is any area/map that has any 5th Anniversairy decoration,

like we've had the past years? Since I can't find any.

(I checked Zaiwei main area near House of pleasures, Zawai Main courtyard, Mushin Tower, Jadestone Village)

Or didn't you add anything for this year?


Thanks in advance


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5 years and the only thing we get is a cake hat.
No decoration, no event (only the usual "do dailies"; again without an event dungeon),
no event or birthday costume (a copy give out from that free winner outfit is a really bad move)


Last year was the most horrible year in BnS history.
Nerfing everything and counter with shameless raising the milking flag,
events without costumes (up to the point where you actually need pay real money to get your "free" event reward),
afk farm zones and cooldown at chest opening to fake the user online statistics
and a lot more things that i will not list now (list would be to long)


Year 2021 is starting as bad as the last year was. Expect nothing anymore from that company.


I logged in, got the free winner costume from the shop, did 3 dailies to buy that premium token with event currency, logged off.
Now on a break again until the 7 days premium starts in February.

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Its funny that they zoomed in on the Party hat and then used it in all their banners.


I did find 2 turtles in Moon Refugee, one with a party hat and another one with balloons.

Don't know if they forgot to remove this from last year or it was actually re-added this patch.


My clan always takes an annual clan picture infront of the anniversairy decoration,

but I can add that with photoshop this year. I am just very surprised they didn't

add anything 5th anniversairy related as decoration in game this time around.


Can't a GM answer this rather low hanging fruit question?

Obviously you would have to ask the developers if anything was added


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