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Back after a very long time, missed 1v1 Arena and 3v3 Tag team

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I main KFM, I've been gone for at least 4 years, I want some introductory back on what I missed.


I am level 45 HM 3 when I left, I remember doing the Raven boss, that was like the hardest thing out at the time, got a few feathers after beating him a few times with the guild.


Anyways, as a KFM I used to go to bnstree and check out all of the builds, but it's under maintenance and I can't see anything. Can anyone update me on what's going on, and what would be some good builds for KFM for 1v1 PvP? 


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For PVP you want 2/3/2/2/1 or 2/3/2/2/3 depending on what you need. DMG or resist. For 6v6 you want 2/2/2/2/1. I not ingame right now but that should be it.


But really i have to say dont boother with pvp anymore. 1v1 is dead since last season starting with 1500 rating i keep getting only top 5 players or atleast top 10 players (i am here since release i know their names) and usually like 3 or even more times the same dude on his 200 alts usually Assasin aswell.

For 3v3 you will mostly only encounter top players too its rare to not see a team not consisting of atleast 2 top players. Overall the PVP playerbase for 1v1 and 3v3 is around 10 players probably with 2000 alts.


Its impossible for a new player to learn pvp at this point cause they will simply get stomped.


6v6 is another thing but you need alot of gear which should take you at ur current state atleast 4 months or even more.

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