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GUIDE: How to get a dragon bone inscription for old man cho's windwalking quest.

mutenomic watterson

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OK, u already started it from the elderly hermit. if u haven't started it go to jadestone village and find the elderly hermit, this is for the Three-point landing quest.

  • Step 1: go to crescent's spring and look for forgotten tombs.
  • STEP 2: in front of the dungeon there will be a field boss, it's a statue
  • STEP 3: 2 lions are next to the statue, go near it to aggro them then kill them.
  • STEP 4: after u kill both of them, use the orbs they drop to light up the two lanterns
  • STEP 5: Golden Deva will spawn. it has 102k health which can be quite hard for a newb
  • STEP 6: kill, loot the essences, go to crescent spring and spin the wheel, do this around 10 times until u get the dragon bone inscription.

simple, right?

also i forgot one thing: u can buy it from the marketplace for around 6-9 gold. also use the side entrance since the front entrance has 4 lions while the terracottas are weaker.

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