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Gifting Frozen Gift Boxes

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Quick question:
How does the gifting "Frozen Gift Boxes" actually work? Is it each box counts one time per trade OR time per trade per character/account?


E.G.: I buy 130 boxes from F5 (sellers get gift stacks), I trade the 130 bought boxes to friend #1 (I get 130 gift stacks), then friend #1 trades these 130 boxes to friend #2 (friend #1 gets 130 gift stacks) and finally friend #2 trades these 130 boxes back to me (friend #2 gets 130 gift stacks).

^Would this work?

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So you are telling me that a f2p player could only gift a total of 62 boxes (64 if they would do dailies in the morning of maintenance day on the 13th) not even getting to the Wonder Radiance Stone Chests...


It's the season of giving (... our money to ncsoft so we can participate in a Xmas event)!

What a joke

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