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PSA: Spend those Harvest Tickets and get your last Dining Set spins now...

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Hey all.


Considering the drama surrounding the last event, let's just put this out there now, before someone has another aneurysm...


With the event ending, remember to log on, spend your event currency as much as you can. Do not expect that you'll be able to use it, just because other events have let you. If you want to gamble on maybe they'll let you do something with the event currency items, feel free to try... but don't expect you'll be able to or that all of the items will still be in the shop for you.


Trying to use event items after the event is over is risky - you can try to, but there's no guarantee you'll be able to. The Summer Brew event took out items from Dragon Express after the event ended that people would try to buy after the event. The Halloween event didn't let you use many of the event currency items like people assumed they could after the event.


When the event ends, the event ends.


That's the bottom line, really.


So ya... spend that event currency now and don't be caught holding the bag.

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