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Fix Midnight Sky Petal Plains, you ruined it

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MSPP needs to be fixed. As it stands right now, no one does 1-6, the update to it with increasing HP on the bosses and mobs effectively killed the zone. From what was the place to go to farm Evolved stones is now a dead piece of content.

Either the HP needs to be scaled back, or rewards need to be given that actually reflect the difficulty and time required to clear 1-6. Any group capable of 1-6 needs IA soulshields/upgrade materials available to them.

The rats who spawn still give outdated soulshields if you find and kill one, They should be giving IA 1-3 on stage 6, stage 4 should be 1-4 ET with stage 5 5-8 ET soulshields.

You should be able to buy IA Soulshields 1-8 from the vendor along with ET soulshields easily for the noobs.

Also no one is farming evolved stones from there anymore because it takes forever to run and you need a fully geared group. Where as before I could carry a 1-6 and I would do ALL WELCOME MSPP 1-6 groups.


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I would personally prefer a new way to farm ES aside from more years of boring MSP farm, but I agree with the underling sentiment. MSP is just not worth running as it stands. Maybe in a six or so months power creep will make it more efficient to run again, but until then, double loot should be returned on Friday-Sunday at the very least.

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