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Koldrak crashes

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Hello @Hime, I know this problem doesn't just effect me but how it's handled in game really upsets me. I occasionally crash from koldrak and I can load back up my game fast enough to get back into dragon before epic challenge is closed. However.... the timer and the icon for epic challenge [koldrak] goes away for your character if you crash out of your instance and it counts as you ran it. I really wish this could be changed because Ex. What if you're unfortunately running the last epic challenge time of the night and this happens. Then you're stuck without a dragon credit for the day for the scales. Can you talk to whoever is in charge of this and see if they can change the way it works so that if you do crash and can get back within the 10 minutes epic challenge is open you can rejoin a new run and try and get daily credit. Because waiting 3 hours for the next time slot is really not enjoyable and shouldn't have to be the only option we have. Please if you could look into this and bring it up to the appropriate people I would really appreciate this. 

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