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Hardware question

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Hello, would like to ask you for recommendations about hardware for BNS - what kind of CPU (if its better to go intel for higher boost or AMD). I know there are plenty of benchmarks at youtube but not related to "archive" games like BNS. As far I know, intel has 5,2 GHz (reasonable price 10900K) stock at boost while AMD 4,9 GHz (overpriced 5950). Thinking more about 5800X because of price vs. performance ratio.

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On 27/11/2020 at 8:14 PM, POKUS said:

ok tho, but what do you think could hande BNS better? amd or intel.

AMD is more compatibility friendly with Blade and Soul and has always worked the smoothest in my experience, however, the Single-Core CPU is what you need for this game to give you the best performance, but one way or another both brands will struggle in this game's engine, simply of it's bad optimisation. I wouldn't recommend buying or upgrading your PC only based on Blade and Soul needs.


If you have the budget, go for Ryzen 9 5900x, you could go for 5950X but the Single Core performance between 5900X and 5950X is only 1%, 5900X out performs Intels i9 10900k as well as  outperforms it's Single-Core Performance by 4%, Ryzen 9 is cheaper as well.


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